We rent bicycles for most needs. We can offer std bicycles, children's bicycles, electric bikes, touring and MTB. Höör with surroundings offers nice bike trails in varied nature.

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Bicycle type Price day one Price/day 2-6 Week
Childerns bike 12-24" 125 kr 50 kr 350 kr
Std bicycle 26-28" 150 kr 75 kr 525 kr
Mountainbike price from 275 kr 200 kr 1400 kr
Electric bicycle with from wheel motor 275 kr 200 kr 1400 kr
Electric bike with center motor 400 kr 325 kr 2275 kr

Service and repairs

The bikes are, of course, serviced and reviewed during the delivery. In connection with renting, we help you to adjust the bikes as they suit you. Wear and any faults that arise when normally used are included in the rent. Damage due to external circumstances or improper use is charged. Examples of injuries that are never considered normal wear and tear;

Skew wheels
Crooked gear
Braked rear tires


Here are some options, you lack something so please ask, maybe we can arrange it.

Option Price/day Installation Cost
Helmet 15 kr
SSF Approved chain lock 20 kr
Bicycle seat for children 16 kr 200 kr
Basket 10 kr
Pannier 18 kr


Book bikes

Fill in the form if you wish to book bikes or have any questions. We normally respond within one working day. Note. No bikes are booked from you have received a confirmation from us.

För och Efternamn
Fyll i antal, typ, hyrestid, andra önskemål etc. Fill in what you want, type, how many, rental time, other wishes etc.